A Conduit for Change that Resonates with Millennials and Gen Z

Written by Vicki Tomiser
VP of Customer Experience, Wine Ninja

When Teneral Cellars was launched, it became just as much about the message we stand behind as the exceptional wine we produce. I remember one of the many conversations we had as we worked to bring this idea to life. There was this proverbial drawing a line in the sand for how we would move forward with our messaging. Jill Osur, Founder and CEO, and I were discussing what we hoped to accomplish with this new endeavor. What did it mean for us to start this wine company?

Womxn Empowering Womxn.

Wine as a conduit for social change.

Taking on openly the issues of equity, inclusion, and diversity in the wine industry.

Elevating the wine experience through inclusive education and discovery opportunities.

These were the messages that we came back to again and again. We decided that day we would not water down the message out of fear that we would turn off some potential customers because we have the audacity to have a voice. There would be no straddling the line, no soft PR speak, and no hiding behind the idea that “companies shouldn’t have an opinion.”

Instead, we made the message as clear as can be. This is who we are. This is what we stand for. Let’s pour some wine and talk about it.

We are excited and honored to be included in this insightful, thought provoking piece written by Amber Lucas for the Wine Enthusiast.

Cheers to Millennials and Gen Z for leading the way in financially supporting companies who align with their values.

You can read the article here.

Teneral Cellars in Wine Enthusiast

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