Bonding with friends, connecting with family, or team-building? We’ve got you! Our wine tastings are a one-of-a-kind opportunity for groups to grow together.

Learn to taste, smell, and sip wine like a pro while getting closer to your group. Open a bottle, open a conversation.

Schedule a Tasting

How It Works

1. Choose your group 

2. Schedule your virtual or in-person tasting

3. We send a box of wine to every group member

4. Pop your corks––the fun is about to begin!


Our guided wine tastings are 30-90 minutes and start at $600 for up to 15 people (not including cost of wine and shipping). Additional group members are welcome to join for $40 per person. 

We facilitate both virtual and in-person events.

Contact us to create your customized experience!


We stay true to our values in everything we do. Here are some of the topics we love to incorporate alongside the tasting notes:

- Creating space to grow, connect, and belong

- Fostering an inclusive climate

- Addressing unconscious bias

- Innovation for social change

Looking for a completely independent experience? We can set you up for a great self-led experience—let us supply the wine and share our step-by-step tasting guide with you!

Plan a Self-Led Tasting