How Long Can I Age White & Red Wine?

There is a really interesting fact that 95% of all wine is consumed within 48 hours of being purchased. People are Hedonist, they want to drink that wine right away! Which means that most wines are actually made for consuming right away. So, people always wonder, how long can I actually age this wine? Is it something that will be better after ten years, or not?

There is no real rule of thumb for this. Generally speaking, light fresh white wines are charming and delicious due to their bright fresh fruit. The bright fresh fruit goes away over time. Very few of those white wines are very age worthy.

Sweet wines can actually age a little bit longer, but they do change. Wine is a living thing. Those fresh fruit flavors become more like dried fruit flavors. You end up with more tertiary flavors. Flavors like miso, leather, nuts and really unique, quirky flavors. This may be to your taste, but maybe not. Age a bottle and see what happens.

Red wines tend to age a little bit better, especially bigger, darker red wines. A wine like Cabernet Sauvignon is typically more age worthy. Over time the tannins will soften and the wines round out. The wine will change, so it depends on your taste for aged wines. If you like that big fruity youthful taste, just pop that cork right away.


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