My fellow Cornellian – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

My fellow Cornellian – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

As a woman in a historically all-male field – agriculture, I was always looking for female role models, from any field or industry. Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) is a role model and hero of mine and was so even before she became a Supreme Court Justice for her work on gender equity at the ACLU.  And of course, I have that Cornell University bond being a Cornell alum like RBG and her husband.  I also met my husband of 42 years at Cornell, getting married the week before graduation. Cornell is a very special place and when you are there, it shapes your value system and aspirations in fundamental ways. You come out of Cornell wanting to change the world and help others and that is so true of RBG.  I had the privilege of serving as an alumni-elected Cornell Trustee and heard RBG speak at one of our many events.  She touched all our hearts young and old!  I wish I could have known her personally. It’s corny when someone asks you “who would you most like to have lunch or dinner with.” In a split second, RBG is the first person I name. Like her, we should never stop learning, no matter how old. I would like to learn from her and hear her advice and wisdom.


I was originally trained as a scientist and logic and data rule, which has worked well for me through my career. As such,  I related well to RBG. She always stood steadfast in what she believed succeeding with logic, facts and data and that tireless work ethic. I relate to RBG’s work ethic – she was working to the end. I am often called a workaholic and asked whether I will ever slow down. Like RBG, the answer is NO, because we love what we are doing and try to do our part to make the world a better place. I’m not done yet slaying dragons….I can only hope I can be even a teeny bit as impactful as RBG. In her memory, I will continue to pay it forward to help women entrepreneurs. Each day as I lift my free weights to strengthen my arms, I think of RBG. With that inspiration I will continue lifting well into my eighties and hopefully, nineties.  I am proud to support Teneral Cellars new RBG labels – great art by women artists for great wine that is owned and made by women in honor of a truly great woman, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Pam Marrone

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So glad my daughter forwarded your information to me! As women, we need to lift up other women and make a difference in the quality of life for ourselves and others. Now that I found Teneral cellars, I will continue to support your business and your greater purpose! From strength to strength!

Judith Bramson March 21, 2021

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