Precisely Matched Wines Via Tastry Integration

Our new Tastry integration allows us to match wines to your palate!  


Even though we don’t have in-person tasting rooms, we still want our customers to end up with the right wines. Wine buying anxiety is real. You think you’ll like that Grenache, but you can’t be sure, so you leave it sitting in limbo in your shopping cart. We’ve been there. We get it. And we finally have a solution! 


Tastry allows us to match wines to your personal palate, so you’ll never have to worry if that Merlot you’ve been eyeing is a fit for you. 


Our customers’ experiences matter to us—more than anything. That’s why we’ve partnered with Tastry to match you with wines you’ll love and improve your virtual customer experience.      


What is Tastry?   

Tastry is the world’s first AI-driven sensory sciences company. They use chemistry and machine learning to make personal recommendations for each customer, so you can spend more time on what’s important—enjoying great wine! 


They’ve figured out how to harness the powers of chemistry with mathematical and statistical methods, to turn senses into science. Their groundbreaking technology “exposes the relationships between wine chemistry and consumer preferences on an individual and aggregate basis, predictive market performance, and Tastry AI-driven personalization at scale.” 


Since shoppers prefer personalized interactions, Tastry created online services that help guide your wine selection based on recommendations that align with your unique and individual tastes. 


How Does the Tastry Integration Work?   

To discover your flavor profile, Tastry starts by asking you a series of questions like “How do you feel about goat cheese?” and “How do you feel about the smell of cigar tobacco?”


Your answers will inform the AI that determines the right wine for you. You might be surprised to find you prefer fruit forward, earthy, or medium bodied wines—or all of the above! Whatever your preferences, Tastry will find the best wines to mesh with your palate. They’ll also give you a taste breakdown of every bottle and list an array of foods to pair it with. 


Discover Your Palate



Why We Love Them    

Tastry’s CEO and Founder, Katerina Axelsson, is a chemist that taught a computer how to taste wine. She was named one of six Tech Disruptors in 50 Next’s list of people who are changing the world of gastronomy in unique and interesting ways. 


Like Teneral Cellars, Tastry is a women-owned company. We love supporting fellow women-owned businesses, and Tastry really stood out to us as a women-led company in the male-dominated tech industry. We’re proud to collaborate with them on so many levels!


Tastry makes it even easier to purchase with a purpose—you can shop with confidence that you’ll find what you love, and know that 10% of your purchase will be donated to organizations that create opportunities for women.       


We couldn’t be more excited for Tastry’s integration on our website. Discover wines that are uniquely matched to you, and rate which wines you’ve already tried to improve your results!


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