October 07, 2020

Written by Melanie Fowler

Jill Osur, out of Fairplay, CA just launched Teneral Cellars on October 1st. This wine brand is completely women owned and driven from the advisory board to the causes they choose.

[Read Sacramento Business Journal article]

Recentlyfeatured in the SacramentoBusiness Journal, Jill Osur, a co-founder and director of the winery group GoldLine Brands and host ofChill With Jill series, is challenging the odds by starting a digitally based, female-featured wine brand. She wants to make inroads and expand female leads within the industry by gathering a diverse group of strong women to contribute to the brand and create awareness across many social platforms. 

I looked inward as a leader in the wine industry, how I could use wine, passion, and leadership to build an all-digital community that speaks to like-minded women by connecting them through wine and delivering impact to causes and issues relevant to our time.” Osur said.

Osur is committed to acquiring a female winemaker.A case study by Santa Clara University found that out of 4800 California wineries, only about 230 were women owned and less than 10% of California wineries have a female lead winemaker. All this is true despite the fact that both men and women are graduating with enology and viticulture degrees in like numbers. More concerning is that there are just a fraction of a percent ofU.S. winemakers that are black (men and women).

Thankful for the attention the brand is experiencing, Osur wants to partner with non-profit organizations that champion the marginalized within the wine industry and across the broader reaches of our society.Using the brand to bring attention to women’s rights, feminism, human rights, love is love, science is real and more.

Chardonnay, Rose’, and theUntamed Red Blend make up the first online offerings for this completely digital wine brand. For every Taste Pack purchased, $10 will be donated andTeneral will highlight different causes quarterly. 

Raise your glass. Join the cause!

Change is coming, and Teneral Cellars wants to lead the way.

Read more in the Sacramento Business Journal here!


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