What “Love is Love” Means to Me

To me love is falling in love with someone. Love is being in love with someone. Love is having an emotional connection to someone in your circle.  I’m a supporter of the gay movement, LGBTQI people fighting for equality and justice in this world.  We still don’t have it. What we do have is legalized gay marriage. We have rights in California.  These are rights in California that they don’t have in other states. I am a fighter and a proponent for equality across-the-board. I don’t care who you are, what you look like or who you love…equality and justice for all!  Gay marriage to me means that I was able to get legally married to my wife, so Kate and I went and got married legally with all the documents, and that meant everything to us. That means we had the rights that all other people had, that we were able to get married.  It was a big difference, and having that document meant so much to us.   Now it didn’t define our love because we had already more committed, but legally to other people outside of our marriage and in our circle, it meant the world to us to show we are legally married.  Love is Love!


Tina Reynolds

CEO, Uptown Studios

Teneral Cellars Board of Advisors

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