Why Store Wine on its Side?

Have you ever wondered how to store wine, or why wine is stored on its side? I always recommend storing wine on its side. First of all, you also want to store wine in a place that is fairly cool. If wine gets too hot it is going to change the flavors of your wine, because what is in the bottle is a living thing. Between 45° and 65° is a good place to be although 55° is often considered ideal. If your wine is stored slightly warmer it isn’t as big of a concern so long as you are opening your bottles within 2-3 years.

The other thing you want to make sure of is that there is no air getting into that bottle. The only way air can get in the bottle is if the cork dries out. By keeping your bottle on its side, it is keeping the cork in contact with the wine. This ensures the cork stays nice and moist and fills the end of the bottle keeping the air out. If you leave the bottle standing upright, you risk the cork drying out, oxygen can enter the bottle, and then it is game over. 


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