Claire Waller

Claire Waller is a 2019 graduate from Clemson University with a degree in Industrial Engineering and now works for Siemens. Since COVID hit, she has been living in Charleston, South Carolina while working from home. Prior to COVID, she was in Atlanta.

When she is not behind her computer working, you can find her in the kitchen trying new recipes, sweating it out in a hot yoga class, or on a run downtown. She is looking forward to making an impact and bonding with the advisory board over some wonderful wine! 


Come work with us!

Teneral Cellars was founded in Northern California in 2020. We are a certified women-owned and operated producer of sustainable, phenomenal wines, harnessing the power of business for good. Exceptional wine is our catalyst for connection, crucial conversations, and investments toward an equitable future for all women.

Though we are veterans of the industry, we are the first to disrupt it by creating a business that intentionally reflects the industry’s largest consumer….women. We are building a beautifully diverse team of women and work with women owned businesses as our suppliers and partners. We donate 10% of profits to organizations that empower women and promote gender and racial equity.