Dr Devonna Gatlin

Dr. DeVonna M. Gatlin is a Los Angeles, California native, Ph.D. Chemist, Equity in STEM Coach/Leader, Global Speaker, and World Researcher. Dr. Gatlin holds a bachelor’s from the University of California Riverside, a master’s from California State University, Los Angeles, and a Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati, all focusing on Chemistry. Dr. Gatlin's Ph.D. research discoveries were recently recognized as novel inventions and credited her as an innovator. Dr. Gatlin has been recognized in the community as a rising star by the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati and The Gaskins Foundation. As a Technology Engineer at a major consumer goods company, Dr. Gatlin leads research and development projects from ideation to the products seen on some of the largest retail stores' shelves. Her hunger for expanding her knowledge and research in chemistry/STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) is robust. Yet, her desire to further her career is not only for her advantage but to help pave a path for future generations, especially for underrepresented individuals. The many challenges that shaped her journey have directly motivated her to illustrate leadership by example. Dr. Gatlin is also passionate about challenging the preexisting notions that society has about science and what science professionals should look like. Thus, she founded the Consortium for Cultural Diversity in Chemistry while pursuing her doctorate at the University of Cincinnati. This organization focuses on creating a pipeline and platform to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in the sciences. Through experience-sharing and global speaking, Dr. Gatlin is striving to cultivate a healthy STEM ecosystem that ensures that other scientists and engineers have the same chance at success. Dr. Gatlin believes, "When stories are shared, walls are broken down, and science can flourish at an exponential rate." Dr. Gatlin also encourages everyone to tell their unique story and to own the journey in the process.


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