Fighting For Equal Rights For Women, and Equal Rights For All

I remember in 1993 when President Bill Clinton appointed Ruth Bader Ginsberg to the Supreme Court and women across the nation celebrated.  To know that Ruth Bader Ginsberg was taking the fight for women’s rights with her to the Supreme Court and what a fighter she was, was astounding.   Ruth had a history of fighting for equal rights for women and equal rights for all, and she was going to sit in the position of having a large voice on how change was made in our country. 


She started wearing her collars in 2016 and she attached meaning to each of them - like her "Dissent Collar”. She was a fearless leader and fighter for equal rights and stood her ground. I celebrated her so many times during her career. I am so proud of the label our team designed for Ruth Bader Ginsberg Cabernet wine for Teneral Cellars. And can hardly wait to tip a glass in honor of the “Notorious RGB”.

 Tina Renynolds

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