Phyllis Newhouse, Army Veteran and Change Maker

At Teneral Cellars we know how lucky we are to have Founding 50 members who bring varied expertise, views, and knowledge to our table. They challenge us to be better and to continue evolving in our mission to make the world a more equitable place for women. 

One such founding member is Phyllis Newhouse. A dynamic leader, she got her start in the army. As a young child who idolized superheros, she was hooked when she first visited her sister at an airforce base and met women commanders dressed in flight jumpsuits. Phyllis later rose through the ranks to senior officer, developing what she calls her “Principles of Leadership” along the way. The army offered Newhouse a sense of pride, and hands-on learning for every aspect of building a business: from building strong organizations,  allocating resources & budget, and organizing logistics. 

That early experience in the army led to many successful companies, including a cyber security firm, an investment firm, and ShoulderUp, her non-profit co-founded with Viola Davis. ShoulderUp supports women on their entrepreneurial adventures and has formed an investment arm to help foster success in women owned businesses. Phyllis co-founded Athena Technologies, a SPAC, and in 2021 took it public, making her the only African American female CEO with a SPAC on the New York Stock Exchange.  

Phyllis was inducted into the Enterprising Women’s Hall of Fame in 2019, and has also been recognized by the Women’s Presidents Organization as one of the 50 Fastest Growing Women Owned Companies six years in a row. A shining example of what hard work and dedication can develop, we are honoring Phyllis and all veterans this Veteran’s Day. 

If you are a veteran yourself please email us at to receive a special code for 10% off all your lifetime purchases!

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