Is Vermentino similar to Viognier?

Vermentino is a grape with a light-colored, thin skin producing wines that are usually light-bodied and Viognier typically produces a medium bodied to full bodied wine. Vermentino has a flavor profile similar to Sauvignon Blancs, Pinot Grigios or Rieslings. If you like a bolder Chardonnay then you may like Viognier. Vermentino is known for a bitter finish, like almonds. Viognier is known for an oily sensation on the middle of the tongue. Some drier styles of Viognier have a bitterness that is more like a fresh rose petal. Viognier can have lighter flavors like tangerine, mango and honeysuckle or it can be creamier with hints of vanilla and spices of nutmeg and clove. Vermentinos minerality and even salinity make it not so similar to Viognier.

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